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Rosie King, Principal

Welcome to Olive Branch Intermediate!

Everyone Needs a Friend


OBIS Families,

I want you to feel welcomed, valued, and included at OBIS. I have adopted a broad definition of parental involvement, because reality is--we all love and care for our kids, but the way we actually do that takes on different shapes and forms depending on our own family dynamics.

For example, in my ten years as a mother, I've been a stay-at-home mom, a full-time working mom with an in-home nanny, a full-time working mom without a nanny, and a full-time working mom with two kids in school.

The ways in which I've been involved in my own kids' schools has changed year-to-year based on LIFE, but one thing that has never changed is my love and devotion to my kids.

We want every child to have have someone in their life who is a Friend of OBIS. It doesn't have to be mom or dad, though it certainly can be. Life doesn't always work with school schedules, but is there someone in your child's life who could join to be your child's Friend of OBIS.

We have a million dreams for the world we're gonna make.

Principal Rosie King

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Wed Oct 02 04:23 PM

World Day of Bullying Prevention

Monday, October 7th -Please show your support by wearing blue! 

National Bullying Prevention Unity Day

Wednesday, October 23rd- Please show your support by wearing orange! 


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